Who is Bob? Bob, What is the meaning of you? Why a pigeon? What is Suite1717? Were you really pregnant? Is it true that the office exploded? Where's 811 Wilshire?


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Welcome to my website! Here you will find information about my work.

➔6th July 2018
➔AGENDA @ ICA Winnipeg, Manitoba

Skype lecture for the "DIS: Thumbs that Type and Swipe" exhibition at Plug in ICA. “Welcome to DIS! Genre nonconforming edutainment.” This salutation spoken by Chus, an animated mouth-eye, who speaks and blinks at the same time, is our intermittent narrator and host through dis.art, a curated video program and DIS’s new video streaming platform. 


➔28th June 2018
➔Putting Out @ Gavin Brown's Enterprise

Between 1760 and 1840 the Industrial Revolution put us in our place. In fact, it quite literally put us in queues, in boxes, on conveyor belts, up chimneys, living on the streets or in suburbia – it made us the cogs in the machines with the sole intention of profit for those born into wealth...


➔27th June 2018
➔Excellences & Perfections Book Signing @ Rizzoli Store

Join artist Amalia Ulman as she celebrates her new book (...) Ulman will be joined in converation by author Natasha Stagg.
Wednesday, June 27 6-8pm Rizzoli Bookstore 1133 Broadway New York


➔24th May 2018
➔AGENDA @ INDEX, Stockholm, Sweden

Spanish/Argentinian artist and Iaspis resident Amalia Ulman presents the staged lecture Agenda at Index; A body trapped between the carpeted floors and ceiling tiles of her DTLA office, a dreamlike storyline of cons and scams, economies of appearances and the rise and fall of Bob The Pigeon. Agenda mixes academic formats with lowly language, hyper-feminine soft tones and songs to create semi-fictional worlds. The piece exposes the final narrative of the online performance Privilege by the artist.


➔12nd May 2018
➔What Makes Us Human: The Gaze, Tate Britain, London

In the first of a three-part series responding to the All Too Human exhibition, an artist, historian and philosopher explore the concept of the gaze within the visual arts, its power to objectify or be objective, create intimacy or distance. Speakers include visual artist Amalia Ulman, art historian Katharina Guenther and philosopher Timothy Secret. The panel discussion will be chaired by Dr. Sacha Golob from The Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts, King's College London.


➔16th May 2018
➔A Study in Scarlet @ Le Plateau, Paris

The starting point of the exhibition is a special focus on the Cosey Fanni Tutti's musical, visual and performative activities since the 1970's, including her participation in the art collective COUM Transmissions between 1970 and 1976, before founding Throbbing Gristle...


➔5th May 2018
➔Book Presentation: Inscription by Karl-Magnus Johansson

What conditions inscription? Why are certain statements allowed to emerge in archival substrates? These questions are asked in this publication as it explores the concept of inscription—the archival moment that is constituted by the materialization of statements. It does so by including approaches from a variety of academic fields such as media theory, philosophy and critical theory, as well as works by practitioners of contemporary art. The publication includes contributions by Akram Zaatari, Amalia Ulman, Anne de Vries, Cecilia Grönberg, D-M Withers, Hannah Quinlan, Jenna Sutela, Karl-Magnus Johansson, Lori Emerson, Martin Kohout, Martine Syms, Monira al Qadiri, Rosie Hastings, and Yuk Hui.


➔1st-31st May 2018
➔IASPIS Residency, Gothenburg

"We have the pleasure of inviting Amalia Ulman to the Iaspis Residency Programme in Göteborg, Sweden, as artist in residence, 1 April-30 June 2018. Iaspis is part of the governmental agency the Sweden Arts Grants Committee that supports practitioners in the areas of visual art, design, craft and architecture.
The purpose of the stay is to facilitate international exchange between artists without any demands of work or results."


➔22nd March 2018
➔Privilege, KWM, Beijing

Simultaneously my first solo show in China and the largest showcase of material from Privilege, this exhibition will be taking place at 金杜艺术中心 KWM Art Center Beijing and include photographs and videos from the performance and the release of a new book, Chaoyang Wildlife. Also, I will be visiting the 中央美术学院 China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing with AGENDA.


➔8th March 2018
➔BOB LIFE, Focus, The Armory Fair, NYC

I will be showing an installation and movie about Bob (from Bob's Perspective) in the Focus Section at The Armory Fair in NYC with my Argentina Gallery BARRO.


➔12th February 2018
➔Elegance: Notes on Communism

"Needing to spend time by myself, without surveillance, I sat naked in front of the window and stared at the sun. I wasn’t allowed to leave the room, but that room was all I ever needed. The light coming in was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The orange hues brought peace and pierced my body with a reminder of independence: the sun is and will forever be free. If I was ever given the choice to recreate any moment of my life, it’d be the intoxification of falling in love, or a sunrise in Pyongyang."


➔2nd February 2018
➔Pulgares que escriben y se deslizan

La Casa Encendida presenta la exposición Pulgares que escriben y se deslizan. Red de entretenimiento educativo de DIS, una guía para este nuevo mundo que nos ayuda a entender cómo ser y cómo ver nuestros propios cuerpos y nuestras sociedades en el marco del capitalismo tecnológico. Un proyecto de DIS con Darren Bader, Will Benedict y Steffen Jørgensen, Casey Jane Ellison, Ilana Harris-Babou, Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman y Daniel Keller, Ian Isiah, Kim Laughton, Anastasia Davydova Lewis en colaboración con Eno Swinnen, Chus Martínez, Ada O’Higgins, Babak Radboy, Christopher Kulendran Thomas en colaboración con Annika Kuhlmann, Lance Tooks, Ryan Trecartin, Amalia Ulman, McKenzie Wark, Maroon World y Malte Zander.


➔26th January 2018
➔Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein

Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein is a show curated by Julian-Jakob Kneer taking place at BIKINI, Basel (CH), and the living space of a fictitious (teenage) character with infantile and senile tendencies, depicting the teenager as a meta between child and adult, between childish and perverted. Features the artists: Bora Akinciturk, Fred H. Berger, Kamilla Bischof and Laura Welker, Adam Cruces and Louisa Gagliardi, R. Crumb, Zoë Field, Elin Gonzalez, Esben Weile Kjær, Jan Kiefer, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Veit Laurent Kurz, Michael Luberry, Marie Lea Lund, Tobias Madison, Evan McGraw, New Noveta / Louis Backhouse, Antoine Renard, Chromosome Residence, Yves Scherer, Laura Schusinski, Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw, The Gate, Amalia Ulman, Malte Zander.


Selected Writings__________

Pyongyang Elegance
Perpetual Privisional Selves
The Future Ahead
Buyer Walker Rover
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